Software engineers




  • Developing an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution that provides a complete ASP environment, a fully functional 3D visualization application access, and complete collaborative environment and security, all delivered via the web.

Real-time data delivery and monitoring:

  • Developing real-time data solutions that enable clients and Schlumberger experts to virtually interpret, collaborate, and make decision when it matters. Leveraging our remote connectivity infrastructure services, geoscience applications allowing extraction of valuable information from real-time data, drilling and interpretation software, and utilizing efficient database and platform designs

Satellite connectivity and terrestrial connectivity:

  • Developing satellite connectivity for regions where the terrestrial infrastructure is either missing (offshore or remote location) or unreliable (developing countries)


  • Developing a suite of business-process specific security solutions that address entitlement, e-provisioning, password management, digital rights management, enterprise SSO, directory services, smart cards, PKI, and portal technologies.

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