Software engineers

How does software save the world? We apply your software expertise to shape the future of energy. We are looking for world-class professionals to participate in projects using the latest software and hardware innovations to meet the next generation of world energy needs

Our software touches everything we do at Schlumberger. Here are some of the kinds of projects you may work on as a Schlumberger software engineer.


3D modeling:

  • Designing tools that produce conceptual, three-dimensional models of reservoirs and oil and gas fields.

Subsurface virtual reality:

  • Combining and processing data together, applying spatial and temporal and other algorithms that result in multi-dimensional datasets that represent the vast volumes of the world's subsurface. Develop office-based virtual reality environments and interacting with them, both as 2D observers and 3D interactives, using hi-tech sensory gloves and goggles.

Web development:

  • Developing web-based design tools.

Database design:

  • Creating the first relational exploration & production (E&P) datastore that is realized from a common high-level logical model, works across the entire E&P domain spectrum, is compatible with all major operating systems, usable for single or multi-users, and can be optimized for differing requirements while maintaining performance and low total cost of ownership.


  • Developing 3D visualizations and animation of groundwater, environmental data and contaminant transport modeling in an easy-to-use graphical user interface


  • Developing an ontology to represent, in a formal way, the semantics of the oil industry.

Parallel computing:


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