Not office Space*


If you looking for a nice safe job and a handy, Swingline Rio Red stapler…keep on walking. This is not the job for you. Anybody can work for an Initech.

At Schlumberger we are looking for the best and brightest to take on the tough challenges facing the energy industry.


Concerned that energy is a short term career – think again. Energy, in what ever form, fuels our lives and progress. And the foundation of energy today is oil. Will oil be going away in 15 year, 30 years, or 50 years? We hope to see emerging new fuels…but for now and for the next 50 years the demand for oil is likely to stay. What we really need to do is to find better ways to explore, develop and produce the remaining supplies.


Of course…none of this is easy. We’re talking about new ways of visualizing resources, new of ways drilling and production that will protect the earth while harvesting her resources. The difference we see is in the software…and the software professionals that take on this challenge. Our global projects include:
• 3D visualization
• Enterprise-level data and information management
• Petrotechnical computing related to drilling
• Production and reservoir evaluation, characterization, simulation and management . » Check out softawre engineers..


No, Schlumberger is not for everyone. It’s only for highly qualified people that like a challenge, that are aggressive at finding solutions and that can lead their own careers and others.
• BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
• Grade Point Average > 3.5
• At least one computer programming technology: C++/C#/.NET/Java
• Good oral and written communication skills are essential to effectively working as part of our international, multidisciplinary team

* Office Space is a 1999 Film by Mike Judge. 

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